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At Bark Collective we train dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds, and temperaments. We will customize training needs to you and your dog’s specific needs, issues and goals. We specialize in everything from puppy training to the most challenging dog behavior problems. Our ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life for you and your dog.


Our approach is Applied Animal Behavioral Analysis (ABA). ABA uses reinforcement customized to your pet's needs. We break down your dog's behavioral goals into simple components. We then build a training plan that will target specific behavioral concerns and training goals. We accomplish this by identifying environmental or social triggers for undesirable behavior, as well as the individual mental habits or activities that contribute to the negative behaviors your dog is exhibiting or new behaviors you would like your dog to master.


Behavior Modification

Obedience training

Puppy Training

Separation Anxiety

Walking Manners


Potty Training

Recall Training




Starting a training program with Bark Collective begins with an initial training session where we will identify your goals and create a training plan together that best fits you and your dog’s needs. Our training plan will efficiently and effectively train new behaviors and/or modify problem behavior.


Our initial Training Session is 1 hour and consists of a consultation with you, an assessment of your dog, and hands-on training with you and your dog. We will observe your dog directly and consult with you as the owners to gather as much information as possible regarding your dog’s history, daily routine, behavioral concerns, and goals. During our initial training session based on our analysis of your dog, we will identify specific goals so we can gauge results and modify methods as necessary throughout your training plan.



Cancellation within 72hrs of service will be charged 50% of service

Cancellation within 24hrs of service will be charged 100% of service


Our 1-hour Private sessions are built for you and your dog. Our trainers help facilitate training sessions that show you how to be a better handler for you and your furry friend. We educate pet owners and their families about reinforcing positive progress on a daily basis. We will show you how to focus on the daily details, rules, and structures as well as correct behaviors that are unwanted or unsafe and reward the behaviors that are great.



Cancellation within 72hrs of service will be charged 50% of service

   Cancellation within 24hrs of service will be charged 100% of service


This is the most time-efficient, effective, and convenient type of training. This training is designed to focus specifically on obedience and behavioral issues. It is best for mild to severe behavior training and puppies who are building their foundation for obedience. Your dog will stay with Bark Collective for two weeks. During these two weeks, your dog will experience hands-on training sessions daily, conditioning, and socialization. This will accelerate your dog's training and maximize their potential for success. There will be a private session for you and your dog in the middle of the board and train and at the end of the training program. During these sessions, we will give you the tools needed to successfully implement training at home and in public. We will also provide you with training guidelines for at-home reference.


TWO WEEKS - $3,500

THREE WEEKS - $5,000


Drop off your dog for daycare and add on a training session. Your dog will work one on one with our trainers during the day for 1 hour and socialize with other dogs at our facility. Depending upon the dog's needs we will structure their day around training and opportunities that will provide them with the best exposure and success. You will receive a training update at the end of the day to discuss your dog’s progress and opportunities. This is a great option for people that are maintaining training and do not have the time to attend private training in person.



(click here to see Day Care Pricing)

ICancellation within 72hrs of service will be charged 50% of service

    Cancellation within 24hrs of service will be charged 100% of service


Initial Training-salmon.png

Initial Training Session

Vaccinations - salmon.png


(Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella

every 6 months)

Fecal Test - salmon.png

Negative fecal with Giardia test within the last 6 months

Flea and Tick-salmon.png

Flea and tick prevention

Spay Neuter - salmon.png

Must be spayed or neutered if over the age of 8 months

Puppy Vax.png

Puppies must have completed final puppy vaccinations (usually around 3.5 - 4 months)

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